Calming Relief for Sun Damaged Skin
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Bioskin Junior FAQ's

If you have any questions about the DermaSun Range, please do email or call (045) 445 715 and speak to one of our specialised team. Although the answer you are looking for maybe listed below:

Does DermaSun protect me from the sun?

No, there is no SPF in these products.

Does DermaSun provide nourishment for the skin?

The ingredients have been specially formulated to help alleviate symptoms of prickly heat and photosensitivity symptoms when exposed to UV rays and to also provide nourishment to the skin. We advise to spray this product onto the skin about 20 minutes before applying your sun cream.

Why don’t Salcura make an SPF?

This is something Salcura have looked into, however there is no completely natural SPF which is suitable for sensitive skin.

I have heard that sunlight can help with eczema, is this correct?

There is a continuous on-going debate about this topic, however sunshine does have many health benefits when we are exposed to it moderately. To find out more about Sun exposure and eczema, please click here.

Can I use DermaSun with other brand SPF sun creams?

Yes, we suggest to use them at different times of the day – DermaSun Burn as a natural alternative after sun and DermaSun Allergy when you are not sitting in the sun but when you are in humid conditions and get prickly heat or heat rash.


Natural light spray for photosensitive skin, prickly heat and sunburn


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