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Bioskin Reviews

At Salcura we love to hear from all of our customers and what they think of our products. We also like to show potential customers what other people in their position have been through and also how our products have helped them and their families.

Please look through some of the reviews of the Bioskin Range. If you want to read more reviews on a certain product then simply click through to the product itself. As always if you have any questions on any of our products then feel free to contact us.

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16th August 2015 Bioskin Adult DermaSpray


"Just Great"

"Decided I should take a little time to review this product, which I used alongside Zeoderm, as it helped me so much. My latest eczema flare-up simply wouldn't shift no matter what I did, but a few days with this product and its back has been broken. First off it cooled my skin and eased the incessant itching. After a couple of days I could feel my damaged skin soften, and best of all started sleeping through the night again as I no longer woke to scratch. Less than a week in and my red skin has largely cleared, and the disease is all but gone. Next time I see even the tiniest patch of eczema appear, I'll hit it with this!"

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15th November 2015 Bioskin Adult Zeoderm


"Zeoderm Extra"

"This product is simply the best,before i used Zeoderm i had all redness and raw patches on around my face sometimes i would even bleed, if and when i would think it was getting better the skin on my face would flake and it would start all over again and as I'm not one for going to doctors this was a bit of a pain for me and more annoying then anything so I tried to find something to cure this on my face and I tried everything. I must of tried every cream i could think of and everything friends and family were telling me to try and nothing would work, until my partner went into one of those health shops in market green Midleton County Cork where she found the woman in the shop very helpful, the woman at the shop explained about the Zeoderm cream how good it is she also explained about other products but i haven't tried any other products i find zeoderm is the one, and it works for me and I would highly recommend this to anybody that has the same problems as me . "

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Salcura Shampoo
9th September 2015 Shampoo

Omega Rich Formula

"At last!"

"My 12 yr old daughter has suffered with a dry, flaky, extremely itchy scalp for years. All other shampoos we tried just irritated her scalp even more. Then we found Salcura and we haven't looked back, soothes as it cleans. A miracle product. Couldn't recommend this enough! next day delivery, even better"

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21st January 2015 Bioskin Adult Body Cleanser

Body Cleanser

"Brilliant Product"

"This Gel was very easy on dry, cracked skin and really made everything feel better from the off. It is quite expensive but it is worth every cent if you have concerns about using the right product to be gentle on your skin!"

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