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Bioskin FAQ's

If you have any questions about the Bioskin Range, please do email salcuraireland@gmail.com or call (045) 445 715 and speak to one of our specialised team. Although the answer you are looking for maybe listed below:

Can Bioskin be used with any other 3rd Party brand?

We do advise all of our customers to be aware of which products they are using on their skin. We generally advise for all of our customers to use one product at a time in case for any reason a negative experience arises. This way it will be easier for you to see which products are proving effective / ineffective of the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Why do you recommend to try Bioskin for 4 weeks?

We recommend to use our product for 4 weeks because of the skin cycle. Every 25 days your skin will generate and develop new cells which will grow through each layer of the skin starting from the subcutaneous layer. At the Epidermis layer, old cells which shed off. Our formulation helps to provide nourishment to the new cells being developed so as they grow through, they come through in a healthier, more nourished condition.

I am currently using prescribed emollients/ steroids/ products, can I also use the Bioskin?

We do recommend to seek advice from your GP to ensure that it is safe for you to discontinue the products that you are currently using. If it is safe for you to do so, we recommend to discontinue use before using our products. The reason for this is because prescribed products will contain chemicals that may over-power our product and not show their full potential of helping to naturally subside your current symptoms.

Bioskin – DermaSpray

How does the Bioskin DermaSpray work?

Our product works by nourishing the new cells in the base layers of the skin. As the cells grow through and develop of 25 days, the new cells become healthier and symptoms are less likely to develop over time. We advise to apply 3-4 times per day for a minimal period of 4 weeks, during this time you should notice progressive results. Once symptoms have improved, continue use to keep symptoms under control but decrease your applications.

Can you use Bioskin DermaSpray during pregnancy / Breast Feeding?

We can confirm that our DermaSpray is suitable for use during pregnancy and breast feeding. If you are applying the liquid solution around the nipple area, we recommend to use a nipple guard just so your baby doesn’t ingest any liquid (this will not be harmful).

The Bioskin DermaSpray sometimes stings on application, is this normal?

Our DermaSpray can provide slight stinging on application. This is because of the anti-bacterial oils that we use during manufacture are getting to work and absorbing with the layers of the skin to help reduce inflammation and any bacteria. The stinging should only last a few short moments. If the stinging persists for a prolonged period, we would advise to rinse off with warm water.

Bioskin DermaSpray contains Tea Tree Oil which I have a sensitivity to, what would you suggest?

Whilst all of our products are regulatory compliant, we do recognise that not all of our products may be suitable for customers to use which is why we offer a 30 Day satisfaction guarantee. We recognise that customers may have particular sensitivities to the ingredients that we use which is why all of our essential oils derive from the root of the plant, to ensure that they are less of an allergenic as possible. We also manufacture two different formulations to ensure that we cover a range of skin sensitivities, however it's not possible for us to cover all sensitivities.

Whilst Tea Tree is one of our prominent oils which we use during manufacture, the percentage of which we include in our formula is very little. We only use between 0.1% - 1% of Tea Tree oil in our formula which is safe to use on the skin.

At Salcura we understand your feeling for concern of Tea Tree oil and others have felt the same way, and what they have found is that with the small percentage of oil that we use during manufacture that they are able to use our DermaSpray Intensive without a sensitivity occurring.

Can Bioskin DermaSpray help with Keratosis Piliaris?

Yes, the ingredients will help to reduce the build-up of Keratin around the hair follicles so will reduce the redness and the bumps under the skin and help to bring the skin back into a normal balance.

Bioskin – Zeoderm

How does Zeoderm work?

Our product works by repairing and rejuvenating the surface skin when it is particularly dry, damaged or cracked. We advise to apply the product 3-4 times per day for a minimal period of 4 weeks before noticeable improvements are seen. Should results be improving, continue use but decrease the amount of applications per day.

Can Zeoderm be used on your scalp?

Yes this product can be used on your scalp however, your hair may be greasy after use. If you wish to apply this product overnight and wash off in the morning then you can do so.

What is Phenethyl Alcohol in Zeoderm?

It occurs widely in nature, being found in a variety of essential oils, including rose, carnation, hyacinth, Aleppo pine, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, geranium, neroli, and champaca. It is also an autoantibiotic produced by the fungus Candida Albicans. It is also widely considered to have effective anti-microbial properties.

Can you use Zeoderm if you have Rosacea?

It is known to help those with Roseacea and reduce redness. We would also recommend trying our Antiac Activ Liquid Spray which maintains and clears skin as well as decreasing blemishes and redness. Many customers have also found that our DermaSpray Intensive also helps, this is because our liquid formula has been specially designed to help reduce redness, irritation and soreness by providing nourishment to the new cells in the base layers of the skin to promote healthy skin cell growth

Bioskin – Wash Range

Is the Face Wash drying?

Our Face Wash can be used on sensitive skin types. The formula helps to gently cleanse the surface layers of the skin, without over drying and also helps to provide nourishment with its high concentration of Sea Buckthorn Oil which is packed full of vitamin C.

If your skin is still slightly dry, we would also recommend to use our Face Hydrator to keep the skin moisturised.

Will your shampoo strip the dye out of my hair?

We can confirm that our products are suitable for coloured hair. As our wash products do not contain any harsh chemicals, parabens or SLS and only focus on plant derived ingredients. We have many customers who use our wash range to help cleanse coloured hair and they find it very useful as not only do they find it helps keep the colour but also leaves it feeling nourished, soft and smooth.

Bioskin –General

Can the DermaSpray and Zeoderm be used in combination with each other and what process they would use if they were being applied together?

For application, we always recommend to apply our DermaSpray first. This product works by providing nourishment to the new cells being generated in the base layers of the skin. As the new cells grow and develop they should become healthier and problem skin symptoms should be less likely to develop.

We recommend to apply this product roughly 5cm away from the skin. Spray and gently massage in the solution for around 30 seconds, then allow the remaining solution to absorb naturally. Once dry, we recommend to apply our Zeoderm Cream on top and gently massage and then allow the remaining cream to absorb. Our Zeoderm cream helps to repair and rejuvenate the surface skin layers when they are particularly dry, damaged or cracked.

When applying our products we recommend to apply around 3-4 times per day. We also recommend to avoid using other brands in combination with ours as you may not see the full potential of our products working with your skin.

Do you manufacture an eczema range for children?

Yes – please see our Bioskin Junior Range here.


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