Powerful yet gentle dry skin therapy for little ones
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How it works?

Bioskin Junior - the natural alternative to steroids and emollients

Mild eczema and severely dry skin can usually be helped considerably with gentle bathing and cleansing of the skin, and by using moisturising creams. More severe eczema is often treated with steroids and emollients. Where bacterial infection occurs, oral antibiotics may also be prescribed.

Salcura have developed a range of products for children and babies over 3 months old that are different to traditional steroids and emollients. Bioskin Junior relies on only naturally active ingredients that help the skin help itself.

Traditional emollient creams work by creating a barrier over damaged skin. They can contain preservatives, fragrances and other synthetic ingredients which could aggravate your child’s skin and even block pores and hair follicles which can lead to inflammation or infection.

Bioskin Junior DAILY NOURISHING SPRAY is different because it penetrates deeply into the skin to nourish and support the growth of newly forming cells, helping the skin repair itself and create its own natural protective barrier. It is quickly and easily absorbed, making it a more pleasant experience for your child.

When your child’s skin is particularly bad, you may be used to using steroid creams. We have created a naturally effective alternative called OUTBREAK RESCUE CREAM.

Steroid creams are often used to reduce skin inflammation, but over time they can thin the skin, causing further aggravation and even skin discolouration.

Bioskin Junior OUTBREAK RESCUE CREAM is different because it blends naturally active ingredients that work in harmony with the skin to keep it healthy and hydrated. Because it is a steroid-free formulation, there is no limit to the number of times you can apply it to your child’s skin.

How Bioskin Junior Work

The Bioskin Junior range is ideal for those looking for natural, gentle and chemical free skin therapy but are not prepared to compromise on quality and effectiveness!

Containing no unnecessary chemicals, the ingredients are a minimum 92% natural origin. Full of vitamins, minerals and oils, Bioskin Junior gives your baby and children healthy skin the healthy way.

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Natural & Effective alternative to steroids & emollients for adults, children & babies


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