Powerful yet gentle dry skin therapy for little ones
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Bioskin Junior

Our unique Therapy system gives you a simple toolkit for dealing with your child's eczema prone skin, depending on its condition from day to day.

If you need any help or advice at anytime then please email salcuraireland@gmail.com or call (045) 445 715 and speak to one of our specialised team who are on hand to help you and your family.

Bioskin Junior Active Range

Bioskin Junior Active Therapy range is a two-step system ideal for those prone to eczema, psoriasis and severely dry skin. Designed for use by children and babies aged 3 months and over, and by anyone with very sensitive or delicate skin. Using only naturally active ingredients, Daily Nourishing Spray and Outbreak Rescue Cream offers you a skin therapy regime that is free from steroids, SLS, parabens, lanolin, phthalates, antibiotics and paraffin. They work with the skin to aide its own natural healing process.

Bioskin JuniorDaily Nourishing Spray


Scientifically developed, regular use natural therapy for babies and children prone to eczema and severe skin dryness. No steroids, antibiotics or harsh chemicals.

Bioskin JuniorOutbreak Rescue Cream


Natural therapy for targeting flare-ups in babies and children prone to eczema and severe skin dryness. Free from steroids and harsh chemicals. Suitable for long-term use.

Bioskin Junior Bathtime Range

Formulated to keep severely dry and over-sensitive skin nourished, clean and healthy. Used in conjunction with the Bioskin Junior Active Therapy range, these complete a comprehensive toolkit for managing eczema prone skin in babies and children.

Bioskin JuniorBath Milk


A nourishing milk that cleanses & soothes dry skin, without making bath surfaces dangerously slippery. No harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrance.

Bioskin JuniorConditioning Shampoo


Cleanses and nourishes hair and scalp areas whilst being kind to dry, flaky and eczema-prone skin. Also suitable for use on cradle cap.

Bioskin JuniorFace & Body Wash


Suitable for use all over the face & body, this gentle wash cleanses, soothes and nourishes dry and eczema prone skin, reducing any worry about the risk of infection


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