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With ACTIV products to tackle severe acne and difficult breakouts, and DAILY products to maintain clear and healthy skin, the Antiac range is suitable for all skin types – even sensitive skin - and is ideal for those looking for a natural, gentle and chemical free acne therapy but are not prepared to compromise on quality and effectiveness!

Antiac ACTIV

To overcome a flare-ups or persistent moderate/severe acne, Antiac ACTIV range includes a Liquid Spray for large areas of the face and body, and a Gel Serum for use on individual spots or troublesome patches. Free-from benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, SLS, parabens, paraffin, lanolin, phthalates and harsh chemicals, Antiac ACTIV contains 100% naturally active ingredients. For best results, use in conjunction with Antiac DAILY cleansing products.

AntiacACTIV Liquid Spray


Quick and easy to apply, this intensive natural acne spray is formulated to deal with moderate to severe acne on the face & body.

AntiacACTIV Gel Serum


With visible results in as little as 4 hours, this handy tube can be carried with you throughout the day to target spots as soon as they appear!

Antiac DAILY

The Antiac DAILY range maintains clear skin and reduces light blemishing. With a choice of cleansing options to fit your skincare regime, Antiac Face Wash and Antiac Face Wipes contain Sea Buckthorn for nourishment and skin rejuvenation, Rosemary for skin toning & cell regeneration, and Aloe Vera for cooling and soothing.

Antiac DAILY Face Wash


Ideal if you have sensitive yet acne-prone skin, Antiac Face Wash is free from benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, SLS and harsh chemicals.

Antiac DAILY Face Wipes


Great for use on the go, these luxurious cleansing wipes contain Sea Buckthorn, Rosemary and Eucalyptus, but no harsh chemicals or "nasties".

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